Management Team

VAMA's Management Team is nominated by the Board of Directors in accordance to the company’s Article of Association. The Management Team is responsible for implementation of the company’s strategy, day to day management and decision making for the business and operations, and building an organization that is adaptable and accountable.


Fernando Ribeiro Teixeira, former Head of ArcelorMittal VEGA, was appointed as the CEO of VAMA in July, 2015.

Fernando started his career in 1987 at CSN company in Brazil, and joined ArcelorMittal in 2001. He worked as a manager of Pickling and Rolling area during the construction phase of ArcelorMittal VEGA, and took charge of hiring and training people, definition and implementation of all operational standards; He was promoted to Production Division Manager in 2005, and was responsible for production and operation business plan, maintenance of all facilities, safety of the employees and etc., he planned new strategy,carried out new organization focused on quality and conduced with WCM department using continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing concept to solve key issues ; In 2012, he became the CEO of VEGA, and lead VEGA to be the Group’s reference, getting some of the benchmarks in cost, quality and operational performance.

Fernando holds the Masters in Industrial Strategic and Business Management of Federal University Fluminense, and the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering of State University of San Paulo.

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Jiao Guohua, Deputy General Manager, Deputy Party Secretary, Chief engineer of Lianyuan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd and Lianyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, has been appointed as the Project leader of VAMA in Mar 2011 and as the COO of VAMA in Apr 2013.

Jiao Guohua holds a bachelor and master degree in Metallurgy from Northeastern University and a doctorate degree in Management from Central South University. He is a senior engineer of researcher’s grade and has 25 years work experience in steel industry.

He was successively assigned to the posts of Steel Shop Engineer, Technology & Quality Department Supervisor, Deputy Manager, Manager of No.3 Steel shop, Manager of Sales Department. In Dec 2003, he was appointed as General Manager Assistant and then Deputy General Manager of Lianyuan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd (LY Group).

He has concurrently served as Chief Engineer of LY Group since Mar 2007 as well as Deputy Secretary of CPC of LY Group since Mar 2009. He took several management responsibilities within steel business in areas such production, safety, energy, environmental protection, sales, marketing, technology, quality, research and new product development, and accumulated broad experience in production & operations management.

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Jiao Guohua

COO & Project Leader

Mr. Li Xiang, Ph.D. and Polytechnicien, has been appointed as CTO of VAMA in Feb. 2018. He is responsible for overall operation and management of CTO Department, including the Product Development, Product Quality, Quality Assurance, IT system development and technology transfer from ArcelorMittal to VAMA, with the goal of meeting the high-range demand and requirements from the automotive industry.

Mr. Li Xiang has over 10-years experiences in ArcelorMittal Europe focusing on automotive solutions, process improvement and quality management. From 2012 to 2018, Mr. Li Xiang worked as Responsible of Department Quality and Axis Manager, in charge of the quality management and certifications, investment analysis, designing, implementation and promoting technical supports of process or product improvement solutions which are largely applied in AM plants such as in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and USA. From 2007 to 2012, he worked as Project Manager in ArcelorMittal, mainly in charge of development and implementation of advanced industrial operation solutions, who organized and participated in developing more than 6 internal or external projects located in Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Finland.

Mr. Li holds Ph.D. Degree in Material Science/Applied Physics from University Paris XI Orsay, France, Engineer and Master Degrees from Polytechnique Palaiseau, Paris France, after having obtained his Bachelor Degrees in Physics Science and in Computer Science in FuDan University, Shanghai, China. He has excellent and advanced technical & scientific knowledge base in the domains of material science, steel products, computer science and industrial automation. He is multi-lingual and proficient in English, French and Chinese, with an international and global experience in managing big teams and multiple-location projects. During his past career experience, some results of related projects have been rewarded with awards and honors, including one solution becoming Europe Standard for steel industry and over 18 Publications in international journals and conferences with independent review committees.

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Li Xiang


Brian Aranha


Cao Qiliang


Jurgen Cobbaut was appointed as the CMO of VAMA in July 2017. On this position, he is primarily responsible for obtaining sustainable profitability and operational excellence with support of VAMA CMO team, by driving the business plan, leading high level commercial negotiations, and organizing the market intelligence as well as strategic positioning analysis etc.

He joined ArcelorMittal Group in August 2003 and had worked in China as VAMA CTO from 2011 to January 2018. Prior to joining China, he worked as Resident Engineer at ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Steel Cologne.

Jurgen Cobbaut holds a Master degree of Mechanical Engineering in University of Ghent.

Jurgen Cobbaut


Jurgen Cobbaut


Mr. Wu Sihai was appointed as CFO of VAMA in February, 2014. He is fully responsible for the finance management of VAMA.

Mr. Wu holds a bachelor degree on international accounting from Jilin University. His career started in 1998, obtaining more than 18 years of experience in international trade and manufacturing domains. Before joining VAMA, he held the post of management for over 10 years in massive corporations such as Haier and Sinochem International with a long period of oversea work experience, successively assigned as finance manager, senior finance manager, finance director and etc. Mr. Wu have acquired expertise on finance management, risk control, mergers and acquisitions with international perspective.

Mr. Wu Sihai


Wu Sihai