VAMA has the dream of reaching new heights in the Chinese automotive steel industry through customer oriented thinking, challenging limits of quality and service levels, and unconditional sense of responsibility towards all stakeholders.


VAMA aims to lead development of China’s automotive steel industry in close partnership with automotive manufacturers, both international and domestic. VAMA brings global leadership and experience along with strong commitment to Chinese market and people.


We believe in responsible and sustainable development and providing high quality customer oriented solutions by applying highly skilled and motivated workforce, and unmatched technical prowess and experience.


Following guiding principles encompass VAMA philosophy,


  • Maintain high ethical standards in all walks of our business – This is the key for us to cultivate mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationships with our customers, partners, employees, and community.


  • Embrace new challenges with ingenious thinking- VAMA always looks to develop new perspectives in developing customer-centric, eco-friendly, and people-spirited solutions. We aggregate all available knowledge and resources to deliver the superior value to customers, employees and shareholders.


  • Respect and acknowledge performance – Results and achievements are valued and recognized instead of people’s personal background, personality and traits. We focus on objective performance evaluation for continuous improvement and excellence.


  • Practice competitive urgency in responding to market needs – Opportunities certainly come to those who are prepared and at VAMA we continuously take actions which help us to foresee what customers may value now and in future and have flexibility in delivering specific solutions. Tailor made comprehensive value proposals to our customers is the base for long term partnerships with our key customers.

Our consistent set of values guides us to enforce our basic philosophy and keep us on the path of achieving VAMA’s vision.


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