VAMA’s successful present and promising future stems from its vision and set of common beliefs and guiding principles shared by all its stakeholders. Everyone at VAMA is expected to apply its four core values in every aspect of work and business relation.


Our core values are the building blocks of VAMA brand. They exhibit our commitment to global technology and quality standards, and commitment to the Chinese automotive industry.


(1) Partnership

  • Become a trusted, respectful, and sustainable partner of our customers, suppliers, employees and community, and maintain fair and free competition with competitors.
  • Open to accept new challenges and commitment to provide life-long mutual value
  • Maintain the spirit of JV partnership and achieve stable and long-term growth and benefits for our shareholders.

(3) People-centric

  • Seek quality people for quality outcomes.
  • Invest in development of employees, people and community to deliver superior solutions to customers.
  • Open to diverse cultures and ideas and flexible to quickly respond to changing market needs

(2) Quality

  • Develop and deliver the best quality products and impeccable services.
  • Maintain high level of industry standards and control by using most advanced production equipment combined with our shareholder’s industrial know how and experience
  • Forerunner in developing customer oriented products for the future

(4) Responsibility

  • Make living and working environment safer, healthier, and greener
  • Be respectful towards people, diversity, culture, and traditions
  • FDo business in harmony with the environment minimizing environmental impact