As the leading supplier of hot stamping material in China, Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel Co., Ltd. (VAMA) announced the new base price of its patented Usibor®1500 material for the first half of 2020.


In the first half of 2020, the base price of Usibor®1500 Ex Works VAMA is adjusted to RMB 9,650 per ton before VAT. Additional charges will be applied for specific dimension, coating, surface treatment, tolerances, package, coil weight, transportation and financial cost.


The new base price is based on rising price of raw material such as iron ore, as well as the rising price of alloy.


VAMA Announces the Base Price of Usibor®1500 in the first Half of 2020


VAMA is committed to serving the Chinese auto market with advanced automotive steel products and integrated solutions to help customers achieve the challenging goals of light weight, energy saving and emission reduction. The new generation of Hot Stamping Material has been successfully developed and are available for homologation and sale.


The new base price will take effect from January 2020.


Should you or your suppliers have any questions regarding the scope of our patents and our licensing policy, feel free to contact your sales representative from VAMA or send an e-mail to


China Will Become the World's Most Stringent Market for Passenger Vehicles by 2025The Breakthrough in Steel Battery Pack Technology for EVs Catches Attention

 (Changsha, June 20, 2019)—After experiencing the high-speed growth, China's auto industry is entering a crucial stage for transformation and upgrading. The upgrading consumer market for automotive in China is giving rise to a broader market space, but also raising higher requirements for the industry’s environment-friendliness and technological upgrading. Meanwhile, against the context of the Blue Sky Protection Campaign, the regulatory policies that are expected to become increasingly stringent may completely reshape the industry’s landscape, and the changes arising from this will also create important opportunities and major challenges to the ecosystem of the automotive manufacturing industry.


2025中国或将成全球最严乘用车市场,VAMA纯电动车钢电池包技术突破引关注 新探索 赢未来VAMA中国汽车用钢未来峰会在长举行


How to make breakthrough to succeed in the new market has become a question that every player in the automotive manufacturing industry is concerning this year. Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel Co., Ltd. (VAMA), the leading provider of lightweight automotive steel products and solutions, held the Customer Day event with the theme of "Explore New Solutions, Win The Future" to celebrate its 5th year SOP. Cao Zhiqiang, Party Secretary and Chairman of Valin Group, Brian Aranha, EVP of ArcelorMittal, Cheng Peixiang, Chairman of VAMA and Party Secretary of LY Steel, Sanjay Sharma, Vice President of ArcelorMittal, CEO of China and India have attend the event and got together with over 300 industry KOLs,customer representatives from automakers and tier-one suppliers to hold in-depth discussions on the changes that are taking place in China’s automotive manufacturing industry and how to seek collaboration and breakthroughs amid the changes. In addition to releasing an independent view on how automotive business would evolve, VAMA also showcased multiple cutting-edge R&D results including the new high-performance steel varieties, the S-in Motion® lightweight solution, and the steel battery pack for EVs, attracting a lot of attention in the industry.


2025中国或将成全球最严乘用车市场,VAMA纯电动车钢电池包技术突破引关注 新探索 赢未来VAMA中国汽车用钢未来峰会在长举行


Fernando Teixeira, VAMA CEO thinks that although the automotive industry is experiencing a downturn growth, there are still considerable space for China automotive market to grow giving the achievement VAMA has made in the last 5 years. “in the next 5 years, VAMA will keep on dedicated to the technic innovation, bringing in more high quality products and solutions to support the development of China automotive industry, and becoming a reliable partner of Chinese carmakers.”


2025中国或将成全球最严乘用车市场,VAMA纯电动车钢电池包技术突破引关注 新探索 赢未来VAMA中国汽车用钢未来峰会在长举行


At the event, VAMA released the China's Passenger Vehicles in 2025: Policies and Regulations Will Completely Reshape the Market together with LMC Automotive, the leading automotive focused forecasting and market intelligence services provider. John Zeng, Director of China Forecasting, LMC Automotive, delivered a keynote speech and pointed out that China's passenger vehicle market will evolve to become the most stringent one in the world by 2025. The fact that people are replacing their old vehicles with new ones given the high-emission standards will inevitably create a significant demand for new vehicles, and this will keep stimulating the production and sales of new vehicles, he said.


The report also pointed out that, although there was a negative growth in the China market during 2018, it was mainly due to the overdraft effect caused by the policy on purchase tax and the impact from the trade environment. The report predicted that there will be 31 million passenger vehicles on the road by 2025. The market still has a very big room for growth from the middle-to-long-term perspective, and positive growth will be maintained in the next five years, but low-speed growth will be the new normal. Driven by various stringent policies, the industry will be reshaped and the market landscape will be totally different from what it is today.


2025中国或将成全球最严乘用车市场,VAMA纯电动车钢电池包技术突破引关注 新探索 赢未来VAMA中国汽车用钢未来峰会在长举行


To cope with the new market landscape, Dr. Jeff Wang, Executive Director of General Motors China Science Lab and Dr. Ma Qiu, Senior Manager of Materials Research, Geely Vehicle Engineering Center, raised their expectations and requirements for the R&D of steel supplier from the prospective of automakers.


The breakthroughs in technologies for producing high-performance steel and steel battery packs for EVs


As the industry leader, since its inauguration, VAMA has been committed to providing leading products and solutions in response to market needs and support for the Blue Sky Campaign over the last five years. At the meeting, Mr. Ma Jieli, Head of ArcelorMittal R&D China, first of all introduced the comprehensive solutions of ArcelorMittal for automotive steel that are aligned with the new trends, and demonstrated that ArcelorMittal's full range of advanced high-strength steel can provide lightweight solutions with proven performance for EVs, hybrid vehicles and conventional vehicles and help automakers meet the increasingly stringent requirements of collision tests based on the available results of collision tests. He said: "The latest S-in Motion® solution reduces the weight of large bandwidth and multi-model platforms, and solutions can be also applied for the new generation of new energy vehicle. VAMA's new high-performance steel supplied locally can effectively reduce the weight of the structural parts of mass-manufactured vehicles and deliver considerable cost-effectiveness."


The NEV trends is forcing a shift not just in the industry’s racetrack, but also in the vehicle design strategy, evolvement covering powertrains, plug-in hybrids, and battery etc. ArcelorMittal has already developed S-in Motion® solutions dedicated to electric and hybrid vehicles before. Since then, two S-in Motion® projects dedicated to Plug in Hybrid vehicles BIW and Battery pack for electric vehicles have been implemented cooperatively between ArcelorMittal and carmakers. Ma Jieli also shared the latest research findings on the steel battery packs for EVs. He said: " On top of these projects, ArcelorMittal is developing dedicated customizable solutions for Battery Electric Vehicles that will be deployed in the second half of 2019 and in 2020. "


2025中国或将成全球最严乘用车市场,VAMA纯电动车钢电池包技术突破引关注 新探索 赢未来VAMA中国汽车用钢未来峰会在长举行


Following that, Yang Zheng, Director of the Technical Service Department at VAMA, demonstrated VAMA's new high-performance steel products, which are at the forefront of automotive steel, including MartINsite®, Fortiform®, Ultragal®, and Zagnelis®. He said: "Over the past five years, VAMA has refreshed the expectations of OEM vendors again and again with new steel varieties and new products, to address the challenges in China’ and the global auto market. As the representative of ArcelorMittal in China, VAMA will continue to drive the localization of advanced new products and supply high-quality products for China’s automakers, aiming to become a reliable partner for the sustainable development of China's auto industry."


Yannick Yin, GONVVAMA CTO, introduced the new progress in the complex hot-stamped Laser Welded Blanks (LWBs) of GONVVAMA, a downstream partner of VAMA along the industry’s value chain. He said: "The Laser Welded Blanks (LWBs) technology ensures the right steel, in the right thickness, is in the right place for safety and performance. The crash behavior of LWB parts can be finely tailored to ensure maximum weight savings while enhancing safety. To make those advanced steel solutions more affordable for our customers, we have developed many cost optimization approaches. And co-engineering with our customers is always the key to allow us to innovate, and find new ways to optimize the cost, maximize weight savings and improve material utilization."


VAMA became the 1st ResponsibleSteel™ Member in China


For VAMA, its milestones are measured not only by technological innovation and product upgrading, but also by how to realize sustainable development. VAMA is continuously setting higher standards for environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable production. By leveraging the R&D and engineering team of ArcelorMittal Global R&D Center, VAMA has been developing new automotive steel products to meet the demand of today’s world for materials that are lighter, better and greener. At the event, Mr. Ou Yunfei, VAMA Party secretary &COO announced that VAMA has officially become the first Chinese member of ResponsibleSteel™. He also said that VAMA and China’s automakers will work closely with each other to improve the overall capabilities of the industry and create an auto-making industry that is aligned to Chinese and international standards for sustainable development. Jurgen Cobbaut, VAMA CMO thinks that “joining ResponsibleSteel™ represents an opportunity for VAMA to optimize responsible sourcing and producing high-end steel products. For our customers, this means that the vehicles built with the steel products of VAMA are not only safe and environmental-friendly, but also conforming to the standards for responsible sourcing and manufacturing."


2025中国或将成全球最严乘用车市场,VAMA纯电动车钢电池包技术突破引关注 新探索 赢未来VAMA中国汽车用钢未来峰会在长举行


Contribute to communities with Orange Care


Over the past five years, VAMA has been encouraging employees to participate in community services activities. Founded in December 2015, after providing targeted support for the Mitang Elementary School through its 12-episode "Orange Care" campaign, this year the VAMA Youth Volunteer Group decided to support the Mujia Elementary School in Xingzipu and worked out a long-term plan for this. At the event, VAMA donated RMB 100,000 (equivalent to the value of the # 566000 steel coil) to the school as part of the fund for the Orange Care campaign, to demonstrate the company’s care literally via a coil of steel. “VAMA’s continued commitment to CSR is an important component of our success,” said Fernando Teixeira, CEO of VAMA. “As the leading brand of automotive steel solutions, in order to achieve big, we understand how our commitment to be a socially responsible business positively impacts our customers, stakeholders, employees and the environment.”

Source: China Daily

On a mission to bring cutting-edge technology for safer, greener cars

▲ Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel’s CEO Fernando Ribeiro Teixeira. provided to china daily

Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel (VAMA), located at the economic zone of Loudi in Hunan province, is a joint venture between Hunan Valin Steel and one of the world’s largest steel-making company ArcelorMittal. It is a state-of-the-art automotive steel production facility with an annual capacity of 1.5 million metric tons. VAMA produces world-class, advanced high-strength steel. This helps carmakers to reduce vehicle weight, lower emissions and enhance passenger safety. VAMA’s CEO Fernando Ribeiro Teixeira recently sat down with China Daily to give his thoughts on the company’s future growth in China.


What has VAMA done to differentiate itself from its competitors?

VAMA has a deep understanding of the automotive steel industry and is committed to providing the most advanced comprehensive steel solutions.

With ArcelorMittal’s technology know-how and global resources such as 12 R&D centers and 1,300 professionals worldwide, VAMA is bringing cutting-edge technology to China and delivering leading comprehensive steel solutions to the market with unique ultrahigh strength steel and a full range of steel capacities.

By introducing Early Vendor Involvement across all stages of a vehicle’s life, VAMA will help customers to meet the requirements and challenges from the industry, shorten the R&D phase to achieve Body in White weight lightening, cost reduction and performance enhancement, and thus increase competitiveness.

VAMA also works together with GONVVAMA’s four plants in China and sets up satellite offices in major auto hubs to provide an extensive network of tailor-made local services.


How does VAMA reinvest in the community and the environment?

VAMA is devoted to working with Chinese automakers to elevate China’s automotive manufacturing to a new level. Our mission is to make sure everybody in China can afford a car that is safe.

As a responsible company, VAMA is also committed to meeting both Chinese and global standards in disposal of toxins and waste, fire prevention, recycling and reducing pollution. VAMA’s plant complies with emission standards required by China’s environmental law implemented on Jan 1, 2015.


Since its founding, VAMA and its subsidiaries have served as a bridge between China and Luxembourg. What do you think of the Belt and Road Initiative?

The initiative will benefit countries involved in technology exchanges and expanding markets. It will also bring development opportunities to the automotive industry.

The initiative will enlarge the market prospects and encourage Chinese automotive manufacturers to “go global”. With ArcelorMittal’s extensive industry experiences and close cooperation with global R&D professionals, VAMA is positioned to provide world-class products and services and comprehensive steel solutions to help Chinese automakers to meet targets and the market requirements of China and abroad.

To answer the BRI’s call for technological innovation and industrial upgrading, especially in the new energy vehicles, VAMA will evolve range of automotive advanced high-strength steels by reducing the weight to reduce environmental harm, enhance safety, support trends and drive innovation in the industry.


Source: China Automotive News


[Switzerland, Jan. 24th]On the 2019 World Economic Forum that just finished, Mr. Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of GAC met with industry and politic leaders from all over the world to discuss for opportunities of GAC business in the oversea market. In the morning of Jan 24th, Mr. Zeng Qinghong met with Mr. LakshmiN.Mittal, Chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal, and Mr. Geert Poelvoorde, EVP of ArcelorMittal and CEO of ArcelorMittal Europe, discussed on the current cooperation between GAC and VAMA – ArcelorMittal’s Joint Venture in China, and the future cooperation based on the lightweight and NEV automotive strategy.


Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of GAC met with LakshmiN.Mittal, Chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal

▲Zeng Qinghong,Chairman of GAC(second from left) met with LakshmiN.Mittal, Chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal(second from right)


ArcelorMittal is the biggest steel supplier to Toyota, Honda and Fiat Chrysler worldwide, and has been working with GAC for a long time. With the progress of “one belt one road” strategy, in answer to the “going abroad” call out of Chinese government, lots of Chinese carmakers has been playing an important role in the global automotive industry with innovations and technology development. VAMA is aiming to be the solid partner to the Chinese carmakers in its oversea market development, through the world class production and advanced steel solutions that allows carmaker to fulfill the global standard.


2018 is known as the first year of NEV. Almost all countries with big automotive manufacture volume released their own schedule on the retirement of fuel vehicles. On the other hand, carmakers are all eager to win the leadership of the NEV competition. The first 200,000 manufacture capacity of GAC NEV AI Factory was finished construction in Dec.23rd 2018, with declared a new chapter of GAC’s NEV business. Supported by ArcelorMittal global R&D and EVI team in China, VAMA is also prepared for the lightweight, battery case solutions for NEV design.


One of the biggest challenge for NEV is the weight reduction as it will impact the mileage of the vehicle directly. That’s why most of the BIW solutions are focusing on the lightweight and crush performance. The door ring solution designed by ArcelorMittal has extraordinary performance on both weight reduction and safety enhancement. The upcoming GAC Honda Acrura RDX 2019 with an inner-outer door ring system is the best proof for that. The weight of BIW was reduced by 19kg comparing with the previous model. On the other hand, the steel battery box that for lightweight would also be a safety solution at the same time.


One world One dream. As the benchmark of manufacture, automotive industry will be in the forefront of the globalization, building a safer and environmental future with world class product and high level service.