China Immersion Program

Participants: Expatriates of different nationalities deputed to VAMA project, senior management and leaders from Valin Steel and ArcelorMittal including Cao Ruiquan, Chairman and CEO of Valin Steel.


China immersion program was organized in Shaoshan & Changsha, Hunan Province during 14th – 16th Sep 2012. The key objectives of this program were as follows:


  • 1. Create a platform to bring together the key people of Valin Steel and ArcelorMittal for superior team building
  • 2. Build an environment of mutual trust and higher commitment to future success
  • 3. Identify key aspects of Chinese culture with their impact on business and social behaviors
  • 4. Enhance awareness on cross cultural communication skills with higher awareness on Western and Chinese preferences and tendencies.
  • 5. Sharing of experiences to stimulate the curiosity for further learning of China, survival tools and to identify support system

China immersion program helped us to become more aware of strengths of multicultural working environment in VAMA and potential growth opportunities due to it.


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