Health & Safety

VAMA aims to become China’s safest steel company meeting global health and safety standards and a role model setting best in class health and safety benchmark for the industry.


“Our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, and community, all equally deserve a very healthy and safe living and working environment. We are together responsible and committed to provide it every day, every hour, and every second.”

Sanjay Sharma, CEO VAMA


At VAMA our philosophy is to consider health & safety as the top priority for the company in pursuit of sustainable production and development. VAMA leadership takes full responsibility of making today safer than yesterday.


Steel industry by its nature has dangerous working conditions such high temperature, height, heavy material movement where injuries and accidents are possible. Continuous and conscious emphasis on following health and safety policy and standards helps to prevent any unwanted incidents or reduce their severity.


We measure health & safety performance in terms of number of continuous safe hours of operation, potential health & safety hazards found and removed, and reduction in accidents.


VAMA believes in engagement of stakeholders at all levels and shared vigilance to achieve strict adherence to health and safety policy and standards. At VAMA we do project site visits by leaders and managers on weekly basis, and daily plus weekly employee safety communication and compliance monitoring. VAMA has zero tolerance policy towards any non-compliance.


Continuous evolution of practices as a habit and adoption of best available Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required to achieve health & safety excellence.


Happy, healthy and energetic employees can only ensure consistency and high quality of our project construction and thereafter production. We have policies and good practices in place to identify and mitigate any potential health risks. For example, all new employees in VAMA go through general physical and medical health checkup.


VAMA supports employee led initiatives and programmes on keeping very good work-life balance and healthy lifestyle. We are resolute to address any problem concerning occupational illnesses, workplace hygiene, and alcohol abuse.


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