Corporate Culture

VAMA is formed as the result of strong partnership between ArcelorMittal and Hunan Steel Group and it presents a perfect blend of global knowledge and mindset, and local experience. Multinational workforce positions VAMA very strongly in the Chinese automotive steel market.


VAMA’s has a very people-centric corporate culture which serves as the foundation to sustainably achieve business and social goals. The fabric of our company’s culture is woven with threads of trust, mutual respect, and equality.Our corporate culture is a reflection of core values we together believe in and adhere to – Partnership, Quality, People-centric, and Responsibility.


VAMA values highly motivated and focused workforce to achieve top performance under competitive market conditions. VAMA invests in continuous development of its workforce to maintain equilibrium between market demands and own capabilities and achieve optimum results. VAMA nurtures and supports talented people so that they can realize their full potential and thus contribute to success of the company.


VAMA has a matrix organization structure which allows people to voice their ideas and concerns at multiple forums and actively participate in development of the organization. Our conflict resolution and grievance redressal system helps to maintain cooperative and collaborative relationships.


The Management Team assumes definitive role in developing our corporate culture through constructive engagement with the workforce and frequently exhibiting examples of exemplary leadership.

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