Our company Roadmap begins with a mission that defines who we are as a company. It defines our purpose, and helps to set the standard for what VAMA is as an organization, and where we aspire to be.



To provide comprehensive steel solutions.


  • VAMA endeavors to always provide best-in-class, professional solutions designed to address the needs of our customers in the automotive industry in China.
  • Our relentless commitment to customers, our unending dedication to our employees, and our steadfast determination to achieve operational excellence in every facet of our operations makes VAMA a valuable strategic partner and an employer of choice.
  • Our mission helps us to:



    • Create value for our customers in everything that we do
    • Strategically differentiate VAMA from other industry players
    • Inspire our people to outperform and continuously improve to become the best in the industry
    • Be accountable to our shareholders and investors