Our Principles are intended to help clarify our company values, which are an important of VAMA. Our company’s success can be derived from the values that we believe in as well as our common goals and objectives.


Following guiding principles encompass VAMA philosophy,


  • Opportunity for growth: At VAMA, we believe in identifying the best talents in the industry, and providing them with the opportunity to grow both as individuals and professionals. We are committed to investing in the future of our organization, which is why we provide our employees with training, coaching and mentorship programs designed to help them achieve their goals.
  • Continuous improvement: As an organization, VAMA encourages its people to go the distance: dream, persevere, and be the best that they can be. It is this spirit of entrepreneurship that inspires us to continuously learn and improve the way we work, how we improve, and how we find better, faster and more efficient ways to serve our customers. We not only constantly challenge ourselves, but also question the conventional in order to enhance our competitive capabilities.Environmental preservation and sustainable development are a vital part of VAMA’s DNA, and are an important component in our efforts to continuously improve and give back to our communities.
  • Spirit of service: To instill in each of us the spirit of service and dedication to our customers and partners. They the driving forcebehind our commitment to deliver uncompromising solutions. For us, it is not only about providing excellent products and services, but also about delivering a comprehensive customer experience that is second to none in the industry.
  • Recognition for efforts: An important part of VAMA’s culture includes giving recognition to our people for their hard work, their efforts, their achievements, and their successes. They are the fiber that binds us, and the strong foundation upon which VAMA was established. It is important for us to foster a working environment at VAMA where people are passionate about their work, dedicated to their colleagues, and where innovation, hard work and self-initiative are rewarded as well as recognized.
  • Collaboration and partnership: The spirit of collaboration and partnership are extremely important to VAMA. Our organization draws its strength from unity created from a diverse team of experts across different areas of specialization. Our aim is certain, and our ambition is clear: function as a single homogeneous entity, and foster cooperation across the organization.