The Vision helps to outline the framework of our company Roadmap, and determines how VAMA aspires to become a better organization for its employees, clients, partners, and shareholders. The Vision also helps us to understand how we wish to achieve good, profitable and sustainable growth.


To become the number 1 steel solutions provider in China.


  • At VAMA, we dare people to go the extra mile to achieve their goals and ambitions. We inspire them to excel at everything they do and grow professionally. This will instill in us a culture of achievement, thereby paving the way for VAMA’s products and solutions to become a benchmark for the industry, and will also help us to reach our goal of becoming the number 1 steel solutions provider in China.
  • VAMA transforms industry expertise into creativity, which helps us to develop better as well as more innovative solutions for our customers, thereby leading to continuous improvement inChina’s automotive industry.As part of our aim to become the leader in the steel industry, we must always strive harder and be one step ahead of the competition.