As the leading supplier of hot stamping material in China, Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel Co., Ltd. (VAMA) announced the new base price of its patented Usibor庐1500 material for the second half of 2022.

In the second half of 2022, the base price of Usibor庐1500 Ex Works VAMA is adjusted to RMB 13,250 per ton before VAT. Additional charges will be applied for specific dimension, coating, surface treatment, tolerances, package, coil weight, transportation and financial cost.

The new base price is based on high raw material prices in the global steel market and a realignment in prices is needed to enable long term steady supply capable to support the continuous growth seen in Chinese Automotive market.

In the second half of 2022, VAMA Phase Two is expected to be put into production, which will further expand the production capacity of PHS products as well as the production specifications. Meanwhile, it will also introduce and produce ArcelorMittal third generation cold forming ultra-high strength steel Fortiform庐 and zinc aluminum magnesium alloy coating products Zagnelis庐, which can further meet the needs of domestic auto manufacturers for ultra-high strength and high corrosion resistance steel. As a leader in automotive steel production, VAMA’s promotion and application of new technologies, new processes and new materials will also help automobile manufacturers achieve the goals of lightweight, safe fuel economy and carbon emission reduction, and contribute to the green and sustainable development of the whole industry chain and energy saving and consumption reduction throughout the life cycle of vehicles.

The new base price will take effect from July 2022.

Voyah, a domestic new car brand founded by Dong Feng Group, targets the high-end NEV SUV market with unique technology in the power system, chassis design, OTA development, and its pursuit of safety. Voyah announced the pre-sale of the Dreamer on April 7, 2022, aiming at creating an MPV model at the highest safety level with a luxury experience.


The Dreamer MPV, designed for family and business purpose, has used innovative technology from VAMA to set up a new standard for passive safety and lightweight design.



The laser-welded one-piece PHS door ring solution was a unique lightweight solution first designed by ArcelorMittal and applied to the 2014 Honda Acura MDX. It was then applied to many other vehicle models. With the outstanding safety performance verified on numerous models, the solution helped to create five-star safety legends one after another. At the beginning of 2020, VAMA and GONVVAMA team brought up the unique 2000MPa PHS door ring solution in the first meeting with Voyah. The door ring solution has become the only choice ever since, not only because of its former application success but also thanks the most recent combination with Usibor®2000.


The second-generation AS-coated hot stamping steel Usibor®2000, which has realized mass production in China since 2019, can reach a tensile strength up to 2000MPa after hot stamping. It was applied to Voyah Free in 2019 as Voyah’s first model was promoted to the market. The outstanding performance of the Usibor®锔2000 door beam has laid a solid foundation for the “safety” label for Voyah, as well as the further cooperation with VAMA.


The magic of the door ring solution is to apply the right materials for the right parts. “Usibor®1500 ensures non-deformation of the door ring in case of a crash while the highly ductile Ductibor®1000, which is applied to the bottom of B pillar, ensures maximum absorption of impact energy during a crash. More importantly, Usibor®2000, which is applied to B pillar reinforcements, ensures minimal intrusion and passenger safety in case of top and side impacts,” Ma Jieli, the head of ArcelorMittal China EVI, explained.


The laser welding technology makes the magic more realistic. Materials of three different strengths and six different thicknesses can be integrated into one piece, replacing the traditional solution of joining four individual parts after separate hot stamping. The weight of the door ring is eventually reduced by 6.67kg compared with the traditional package.



The proportion of high-strength steel in VOYAH Dreamer reaches 70%, of which the hot stamping steel accounts for 23.6%. With the 2000MPa LWB PHS door ring applied, the car body is just like an “intelligent mobile castle,” passed various safety evaluation systems, including the most stringent 2021 C-NACP five-star safety rating, C-IASI Passive safety G-rating, and IIHS G-evaluation standard, as well as CAE simulation analysis and 42 types of crash conditions, created an MPV model of the highest safety level.


In October 2021, VOYAH Dreamer’s BIW made its first showing at China Car Body 2021 and won the special prize. The door ring application was a “great highlight.”


Jurgen Cobbaut, CMO of VAMA, emphasized: “the key is to see customer’s success as our mission. The successful application of this door ring is the result of over 400 days of joint effort with the same goal set by both our whole team and the Voyah team. We worked closely from design concept and formability verification to tool try-out and mass production. It was a significant experience for both of us. And I believe, with the shared commitment to safety and light weighting, there will be more and more NEV cars built with our solutions that can support the transition to green mobility. ”



Yun Tao, Senior Director of VOYAH Body Development, said: “These door ring products will also be made compatible with laser welding fixtures of MPV door rings, to realize door ring installing standardization, which will greatly reduce the development cost of subsequent models.” Many of VOYAH’s subsequent vehicle models will continue to adopt the LWB PHS door ring solution.


With more high-quality products and lightweight solutions, let’s march ahead together towards a safe, comfortable, and green mobility life.

VAMA was rewarded  "CSP Outstanding Contribution Award of 2021" on the 2021 annual suppliers' convention of DF NISSAN CSP recently.


DF NISSAN CSP was founded in 2005 in order to provide quality ensurance and efficiency optimization for car production through demand intergration, logistics coordination and procurement centralization.


Ever since the entry in 2018, VAMA has been providing leading technology support and world-class service in hot stamping material and process. The prompt delivery, high quality products and professional technical support has successfuly won the recoginition among CSP system and all departments in DF NISSAN, and was rewarded "CSP Outstanding Contribution Award of 2021".


Moving forward, VAMA will continue to contribute to customer's success, impove innovation capabilities to build greener, safer and lighter cars together.


Source: Automobile Industry



VAMA CEO Fernando


With the plan for achieving 鈥渃arbon peaking and carbon neutrality鈥 goals initiated, the landscape of the automotive industry has changed drastically, and new energy vehicles (NEVs) have gradually become the inevitable development trend of the automotive industry in China and even in the world. In recent years, more and more carmakers are seen releasing plans to phase out the sales of their traditional internal combustion engine models and replace them with more aggressive electrification strategies. It is foreseeable that due to limits set on fuel consumption, hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will be the development direction of the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry in the next three years.

Ranking the world鈥檚 first for 7 consecutive years, China鈥檚 NEV production and sales have seen rapid growth, but the primary factor restricting large-scale use of NEVs is still the mileage. With the upgrading of EV technology, energy density of the battery system is continuously increasing. In view of the unique safety and lightweight requirements of EVs, reducing body weight and improving crash safety have become the key focus of automakers, and in this context, high strength steel has emerged with great potential for electric vehicles.

As the world鈥檚 leading automotive steel and lightweight technology solutions provider, Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel Co., Ltd (VAMA) has been constantly optimizing the layout in the Chinese market, introducing ArcelorMittal鈥檚 high-quality automotive steel products and technology to China, and bringing innovative steel solutions to China鈥檚 automotive industry. In response to steel consumption needs of the NEV market, VAMA, as a leader in the industry, has introduced systematic solutions including S-in motion庐 BEV SUV lightweight technology and S-in motion庐 steel battery pack. These solutions, which provide similar lightweight effect to that of aluminum body and battery pack, can also meet thermal diffusion requirements and provide better protection against intrusion, thus significantly improving safety performance. Besides, they are much less demanding in terms of cost and the manufacturing process and produce far less carbon than aluminum products, so they will be the focus of our promotion in the next few years.

We have customized solutions for different market segments and car models. For example, we have applied some very high strength materials, including PHS, the third-generation UHSS and high strength corrosion resistant steel with excellent surface quality to car body structure and steel battery pack to meet the special motor and battery requirements etc. of BEVs, and well respond to various extreme crash conditions. How to optimize the material layout to achieve energy absorption while keeping the interior of the battery pack from intrusion, these are the highlights of our NEV design. In the past few years, PHS has been applied in large proportions to car body. VAMA鈥檚 latest second-generation aluminum-silicon coated PHS Usibor庐2000 and Ductibor庐1000 have achieved further weight reduction by 15% on the basis of the previous generation products, benefiting the whole NEV industry.

2021 was an extraordinary year. China鈥檚 automotive market is moving forward through ups and downs. Despite the fact that we were faced with an extremely complicated market situation full of unpredictable changes, China is still the world鈥檚 largest single automotive market and the world鈥檚 most dynamic automotive market. VAMA, as part of the supply chain of China鈥檚 automotive industry, also realized a number of milestones the year, achieving the highest level of automotive volume. 2022 will be a year filled with expectations. China鈥檚 automotive market ended a three-year decline or may start a new round of growth. As VAMA鈥檚 Phase II Project is about to be put into production, VAMA鈥檚 product portfolio will be further expanded, and we will have more and more competence to co-engineer with Chinese automakers to create safer, lighter and greener vehicles.