Corporate Responsibility

A clear corporate responsibility strategy is an integral part of VAMA business. We care for fulfilling the corporate responsibility as a responsible and ethical business enterprise which enables us to contribute to social and economic development of the community and environment where we operate. We have to be respectful towards local circumstances and be consistent in what we do to build our reputation.


Our corporate responsibility strategy focuses on four areas: investing in our people, sustainable processes & products, and development of our community.


Investing in our people


Our first priority is the health and safety of those who work for us. We aim to have ‘zero accidents’ during entire project construction phase. Trainings and vigilance are also crucial to our success. We have implemented measures and systems to prevent occupational health & safety hazards.


Sustainable processes & products


VAMA is committed to ensure that our industrial processes and products are as environmentally low impacting as possible through cutting-edge research into new technologies and working with the wider steel industry to promote best practices.


Development of our community


Continuous engagement with our community helps us reach our business goals, both directly and indirectly. VAMA actively volunteers for collective actions to bring sustainable development in the region.