Development of our community

VAMA understands deeply the importance of taking active role in the social responsibility in the community and society, we encourages employees-led initiatives to participate in different kinds of volunteering activities to understand and work for issues faced by the community and our surroundings. VAMA highly values volunteering work as it gives us opportunity to deepen our relationship with people and be a responsible partner in sharing and addressing their concerns.


Volunteer service


VAMA Volunteer Team was founded in December 2015. Together with the Youth Union, the Volunteer Team has organized 11 times of pupil assistance activities with the left-behind children in Mitang Primary School in Shuangfeng County, 5 times of Accompany Day in Loudi Welfare House, environmental educational event, bus station civilization service, gas leak inspection service for the neighborhood, volunteer services for reconstruction of surrounding communities after floods, special action against the COVID-19 etc., with a participation of 383 person-time, 2343 service hours.


Charity Aid


In order to improve the living and study conditions of poverty-stricken left-behind children, encourage them to study hard and allow them to grow up happily in care, VAMA Female Employees Committee and volunteers actively fulfills its social responsibility. Under its organization, female employees with volunteers srepeatedly went to Mitang Primary School in Shuangfeng county with birthday cakes, lanterns, moon cakes and dumplings that they’ve made, clothes, school supplies, daily necessities, rice and cooking oil, and electric heating facility purchased with the charity fund, expressing their wishes for Children’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Middle Autumn Festival and giving warmth in winter. They also organizes the loving-care visit to poor students' families at regular intervals, carry out the "VAMA Schooling Aid to Mujia, Donate Books with Love" activity, donated a total of more than 1,000 volumes of Chinese and foreign classics, children's literature, and popular science books to the Shuangfeng Mujia School.To date, it has held two sessions of Women’s Day Charity Sale, raising the fund of over RMB 10,000, all of which have been used for charity aid.


Butterfly Children’s Hospices cooperation


Butterfly Children’s Hospices is the first institution in Asia that provides loving care and community hospice care services for children. It was established by Mrs. Jin Ling and Mr. Gu Yingjun in Changsha City, Hunan Province, in April 2010. In October 2015, in response to HATSON activity, VAMA launched the care trip cooperation with Butterfly Children’s Hospices. Over the past four years, VAMA has organized an alleviation care team to visit the institution for over ten times, offering sustained support by activities such as painting the walls of nursing rooms, donations to fund the nursing uniforms, recording audios for children and accompanying children to celebrate Christmas and New Year.