Automotive Steel

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VAMA has a very comprehensive range of advanced automotive steel grades:
Mild Steel, IFHS Steel, Bake Hardening Steel, HSLA Steel, Dual Phase Steel, Complex Phase Steel and Hot Stamping Steel Usibor®, Ductibor®. These automotive steel grades have consistent and controlled properties according to:

> The ArcelorMittal technologies transfer to VAMA automotive steel products
> Customer specific standards upon agreement
> Euronorm standards

Steel Family Classification Steel Grades
Mild Steel VAMA 01, VAMA 02, VAMA 03, VAMA 04, VAMA 05, VAMA 06, VAMA 07
IFHS Steel 180IFHS, 220IFHS, 260IFHS, 300IFHS
Bake Harding Steel 180BH, 195BH, 220BH, 260BH
HSLA Steel HSLA260, HSLA300, HSLA340, HSLA380, HSLA420, HSLA460
Dual Phase Steel /Complex Phase Steel DP450, DP600, DP780, DP980, DP1180, CP1000
PHS Usibor®1500, Usibor® 2000, Ductibor®450, Ductibor®500, Ductibor®1000 , 22MnB5