Steel solutions

One-piece door ring solutions

1 part instead of X

  • One stamping tool
  • One stamping operation
  • No post assembly operations

Lightweight concept

  • Hot stamping steel grades
  • Optimized thickness distribution
  • Laser weld continuous links (no overlap)

Hot-stamping geometry accuracy

  • Materials, thicknesses and weldline positions can be tuned to pass the requirements

The hot stamping one-piece door ring changes the way beams and floor channels are used to withstand the frontal impact. When applied to the driver door, it can effectively protect the living space of the front passenger and greatly improve the vehicle safety. By combining the advantages of laser tailored welding and hot stamping materials, the design idea of replacing multiple parts with one part has become a reality while achieving a weight reduction of 20%, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Steel battery pack solution

ArcelorMittal’s S-in Motion® steel battery pack technology solution, through the selection of advanced high-strength steel, cross-section design optimization, and material forming process design, reduces the cost of molds while improving safety performance and material utilization, which can be adapted various output requirements and battery crash conditions such as extrusion, underfloor intrusion, vibration, and drop tests that are currently the most stringent on the market and higher than the China’s battery safety standards. The frame parts are formed by roll forming and designed as modular structure. Compared with the current aluminum battery pack, the cost is reduced by more than 30%.

Besides, the steel battery pack is mainly made of high-strength steel (tensile strength above 450MPa), and the key parts are made of advanced ultra-high-strength steel (tensile strength can reach nearly 2000MPa). The weight reduction effect is obvious compared with other ordinary steel batteries, and the weight difference with the aluminum battery pack is only 20-25%.

The steel battery pack is safer and more reliable in terms of thermal diffusion requirements and anti-intrusion effects, and fully meets the requirements of the national standard. In terms of environmental protection, through the analysis of the life cycle carbon footprint, the production of steel battery pack significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared with aluminum.

S-in motion® BEV SUV solution

S-in motion® BEV SUV solution is based on the BIW design of a large number of ICE SUV, combined with the special requirements of electric vehicles for power assembly, drive system and battery module, some BIW structural parts of BEV SUV (floor, seat beams, middle aisles, B-pillars, etc.) are modified and optimized, and the platform parts in existing mass-produced ICE models are retained to the greatest extent, which can minimize the overall cost of OEM.

Through the massive application of ArcelorMittal’s cold stamping and roll forming AHSS and the second-generation PHS, the solution can meet new challenges of BEV and satisfy customer’s individual needs.