As the leading integrated steel and mining company, ArcelorMittal, is committed to transfer the cutting edge automotive steel production technology, including Advanced and Ultra High Strength Steel (AHSS and UHSS) grades with levels up to 1200 MPa and Usibor®1500P, Usibor®2000 to VAMA and assist VAMA to complete the quality control and R&D system. The technology transfer between ArcelorMittal and VAMA included support during the complete plant design, specification and procurement. Development of all products in VAMA will be done with intensive support from ArcelorMittal to make sure that the VAMA product offer reaches the same quality level as the one from ArcelorMittal.

Hunan Steel Group invested in upgrading upstream substrates of automotive steel to meet the high-quality raw material’s requirements of VAMA, lays a solid foundation for VAMA's supply and specialized production capacity.



Vama will receive hot rolled coils from Lianyuan Steel, a subsidiary of Hunan Steel Group located in Loudi, Hunan, and its main technical equipment and production processes have reached advanced levels.


  • Blast furnace in which liquid iron is produced has a total capacity of 3,200m³. After the blast furnace, liquid iron is turned into steel in steel shop with two BOF (basic oxygen process) converters. After casting, slabs will be rolled in the hot strip mill commissioned in 2009.
  • This hot strip mill has an annual capacity of 4.5 million tons and has a reversing rougher, coil box and a seven stand finishing with laminar flow cooling.


Production in VAMA


PLTCM (Pickling & Tandem Cold Rolling Mill)

  Once the hot rolled coils arrive in VAMA, these coils will be further processed over PLTCM. The purpose of this line is to remove scale from the surface of the strip by mechanical and chemical processes before reducing the thickness through a cold rolling process.

This PLTCM has a capacity of 1.5 million tons, extendable up to 2.4 million tons in the second phase. The PLTCM line has the leading available technology- E.g. Laser welder at the entry section, rolling forces of 3,500 tons and rolling power of 7000 KW.


MIX-CAL (Continuous Annealing and Aluminizing Line)
CGL (Continuous Galvanizing Line)


The full hard material produced on PLTCM will be further processed on either mixed CAL or CGL.


The purpose of mixed CAL line is to anneal the strip and to recover mechanical properties after rolling and AlSi coating for hot stamping. The mixed CAL has the powerful furnaces, capable to produce Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS) grades and it also has the possibility to produce aluminium coated products through an integrated aluminium bath.


The CGL line can produce both galvanized and galvannealed products. The purpose of this line is to anneal and hot dipped galvanizing the strip to recover mechanical properties after rolling and Zinc coating for corrosion protection.


Both CGL and mixed CAL can produce exposed material for automotive industry and therefore they are equipped with automatic inspection systems.


RCL(recoiling line)and fully automated packaging line

The coils produced on mixed CAL or CGL can be further processed or inspected on one of VAMA’s two recoiling lines or can go directly to the fully automated packaging line after which they will be transported directly to the customer or further processed in a Steel Service Centre.