When Usibor®2000 Meets China’s Legendary SUV model Haval H6

New steel meets new safety definition

On July 24, 2020, the third-generation Haval H6 of Great Wall Motors made its grand debut, with its super power train, oriental-style futuristic look and minimalist smart cockpit highlighting the super strength of this fully-upgraded legendary SUV model.


Most importantly, the proportion of high-strength steel in its car body has been increased to 71.61%, including a significant increase of VAMA’s AS-coated hot stamping steel. Plus the application of 2nd generation PHS Usibor®2000 and the door ring solution, the new generation Haval H6 raised “new safety definition” with new steel and new solution, further enhanced its leading super safety image. This is the first successful application of AS-coated hot stamping steel one-piece door ring to car body of a domestic brand, and also the first application of Usibor®2000 in China market.

    When Usibor®2000 Meets China’s Legendary SUV model Haval H6

▲ PHS up to 2,000 Mpa + one-piece PHS door ring + 71.61% high-strength steel body
(Source: the official website of Great Wall Motors)


The project of new generation Haval H6 launched in March 2018. There were two directions for body material design: to apply door ring with bare plate in an conservative way, or to take the new steel path, applying AS-coated hot stamping steel to door ring and several other structural safety components.


Great Wall Motors has been leading the forefront of innovative and lightweight design, and to provide the consumers with the safest SUV products remains the core concept of Haval. Compared to the previous designs, the third generation Haval H6 pays more attention to the lightweight, fuel efficiency and customer driving experience in its positioning. The definition of ‘new safety’, both physically and psychologically, marks an important label of the new generation Haval H6. VAMA’s AS-coated hot stamping steel – Usibor® product series, not only plays a significant role in helping top car makers achieve the highest safety level for their vehicles, but also can effectively improve vehicle anti-corrosion performance and energy efficiency. It is bound to become a mainstream solution for China’s automobile industry to achieve lighter weight and enhanced security.


In September, 2018, VAMA started the localization of Usibor®2000, the second generation AS-coated hot stamping steel, and successfully realized localized production at the beginning of 2019. Usibor®2000 boasts a tensile strength up to 2,000Mpa, the highest level of domestic automobile steel at present, while it also retains the lightweight advantage of AS-coated hot stamping steel, thus helping car makers further achieve the dual goals of lighter weight and better safety performance. The successful localization of Usibor®2000 also makes Great Wall Motors more optimistic about the application plan.

    When Usibor®2000 Meets China’s Legendary SUV model Haval H6

▲ The first Usibor®2000 coil rolling off the production line


In September, 2018, Great Wall Motors started up homologation and testing of small sample pieces of VAMA’s AS-coated hot stamping steel. In 2019, homologation of such small pieces of AS-coated hot stamping steel covered 7 models of Great Wall Motors. During June 2019 and June 2020, material test for Haval H6 went through one die trial, two small-scale die trials, two large-scale die trials, and then a vehicle test with 600 pieces of materials. The shortest delivery time was 10 days, involving up to 20 product specifications, placing higher demands on the whole process of coil production, blanking and delivery.


Early in December of 2016, VAMA has set up GONVVAMA, a downstream processing and supporting center, together with Gonvarri, to integrate exclusive processing and distribution supply chain of blanking and tailor welded blanks, and provide whole-process technical service for the customers. Through the exclusive cutting layout by GONVVAMA, material efficiency was further improved for high quality delivery.


During the trial production of Haval H6, highly integrated supply chain and high quality service team were on call 24 hours a day to meet customer demands in the whole process of coil production, sheet blanking, product transportation and delivery, and achieved emergency delivery and successful testing of die trail materials time after time, successfully completing the trial production plan of Haval H6, and winning unanimous praise from the Great Wall Motors.


On June 25, 2020, after multiple rigorous tests, VAMA received the first official order of AS-coated hot stamping steel Usibor®1500 and Usibor®2000 from Great Wall Motors, marked the new cooperation chapter of Usibor®2000 and Haval H6.


As China’s top-selling SUV model, Haval H6, relying on its technical strength, has written a brilliant and splendid chapter in the history of Chinese automobile manufacturing in the past nine years of highlights. With the increasingly stringent emission regulations at home and abroad and requirements for continuous improvement of vehicle crashworthiness, PHS has become the first choice for automotive structural safety parts to achieve both lighter weight and better safety. The application of Usibor®2000 will certainly help the “National Legendary SUV Model” – Haval H6 lead the global new trend of SUVs, and scale new heights.

    When Usibor®2000 Meets China’s Legendary SUV model Haval H6

▲ The third generation Haval H6