VAMA Announces the Base Price of Usibor®1500 for the Second Half of 2022

As the leading supplier of hot stamping material in China, Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel Co., Ltd. (VAMA) announced the new base price of its patented Usibor®1500 material for the second half of 2022.


In the second half of 2022, the base price of Usibor®1500 Ex Works VAMA is adjusted to RMB 13,250 per ton before VAT. Additional charges will be applied for specific dimension, coating, surface treatment, tolerances, package, coil weight, transportation and financial cost.


The new base price is based on high raw material prices in the global steel market and a realignment in prices is needed to enable long term steady supply capable to support the continuous growth seen in Chinese Automotive market.


In the second half of 2022, VAMA Phase Two is expected to be put into production, which will further expand the production capacity of PHS products as well as the production specifications. Meanwhile, it will also introduce and produce ArcelorMittal third generation cold forming ultra-high strength steel Fortiform® and zinc aluminum magnesium alloy coating products Zagnelis®, which can further meet the needs of domestic auto manufacturers for ultra-high strength and high corrosion resistance steel. As a leader in automotive steel production, VAMA’s promotion and application of new technologies, new processes and new materials will also help automobile manufacturers achieve the goals of lightweight, safe fuel economy and carbon emission reduction, and contribute to the green and sustainable development of the whole industry chain and energy saving and consumption reduction throughout the life cycle of vehicles.

The new base price will take effect from July 2022.