An almost full range of advanced automotive flat steel products is available from VAMA assets, providing products that help our customers to reach their goals in terms of


  • Weight reduction
  • Increase of vehicle safety
  • Increase of corrosion resistance
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership

1. Steel Grades for cold stamping applications


VAMA will provide you with a very comprehensive range of most advanced automotive steel grades, with consistent properties and controlled according to


  • ArcelorMittal specific standards
  • Euronorm standards
  • Customer specific standards upon agreement


The following table shows the availability of the various steel grade families from VAMA production lines. X stands for unexposed surface finish, and Z for best surface finish for exposed parts.


VAMA Automotive_table

2. Steel  for Hot Stamping application


USIBOR® 1500P: Usibor® 1500P is a hot formed grade intended for use in automobile structural and safety components. The very high mechanical strength of the final part makes it possible to achieve weight savings of 30% to 50% compared to conventional cold forming grades.


The main advantages of Usibor® 1500P are:


  • Ability to achieve complex geometry in the direct process (forming in austenitic state). Its very good hot formability makes it possible to offer steel solutions that integrate several functions (elimination of reinforcement parts and assemblies);
  • Total absence of springback;
  • Uniform mechanical properties obtained on the part;
  • Exceptional fatigue strength (Usibor® 1500P) and impact resistance, allowing substantial weight reduction.

ArcelorMittal was the first steelmaker to deliver a coated press hardened steel, Usibor® 1500-AS with an aluminum-silicon coating.


The additional advantages of Usibor® 1500-AS, above and beyond those of uncoated 22MnB5, are:


  • Simplified process and cost savings: elimination of the shot-blasting step (no formation of scale), no need for protective atmosphere in austenitization ovens;
  • Excellent temporary corrosion resistance after stamping, no need to oil parts before assembly;
  • No decarburization;
  • Excellent resistance to pitting corrosion, currently used in dry and wet areas (e.g. side sill) of the vehicle.


VAMA hot stamping steel - Usibor® 1500P


3. Surface treatments


  • Electrostatic Oiling
  • Phosphatation (only Galvannealed)

4. Tolerances


According to standards EN 10130 (uncoated), and EN 10143 (coated).

Customer specific requirements upon consultation.


5. Coatings


Coatings available for steels for cold stamping applications


Extragal®: Because of their high corrosion protection capacity and surface quality, Extragal® coated products are recommended for numerous automotive applications, for both visible and non-visible parts.


The Extragal® production process, involving a continuous single-step operation after rolling, makes it nearly always the most cost effective pre-coating solution for obtaining the corrosion resistance required in automotive sheet applications.


Extragal® is a trademark of ArcelorMittal and has been licensed to VAMA.


Galvannealed: The excellent corrosion protection and high surface quality offered by Galvannealed coatings make these products well suited for numerous automotive applications involving both visible and non-visible parts. The presence of iron in the coating improves resistance spot welding behavior, so that Galvannealed products are especially recommended when joining proves difficult with other coatings.


Other steel grades  or coatings not available from VAMA production assests can be provided from ArcelorMittal and Valin production lines through VAMA sales network organization.


6. Packaging


VAMA coil packing is designed to resist to corrosion, water ingress, condensation and mechanical impacts during transportation, such as to well protect the high value products until they arrive at our customer’s premise.


VAMA Packing1


VAMA Packing2


These images are for indication purpose only. Source: Pesmel Oy, the supplier of automatic packaging line to VAMA