General Industry

Our Products for General Industry


1. Steels for Cold Forming


This is a range of cold rolled non-alloyed mild steel grades with guaranteed maximum yield and tensile strength, guaranteed minimum ductility (elongation at fracture) and good formability (n and r values). These grades comply with the requirements of the EN 10130:2006 standard and are obtained after continuous annealing.


These steel grades have excellent formability, which facilitates cold forming operations, and are ideal for deep drawing.


VAMA's range of steels for cold forming offer excellent forming performance, due to the low scattering of their chemical composition and their mechanical properties, which guarantees processing consistency.


They are used for bending and deep drawing forming processes for applications where strength, rigidity and ductility are required. Typical applications are to be found in the automotive industry, the domestic appliance sector, metal furniture, drums, radiators, fans, tubes and small profiles. Uncoated cold rolled steels for cold forming are suitable for food contact.


2. High Strength Low Alloy Steels (HSLA)


These high strength steels are characterised by their low content of both carbon and micro-alloying elements. This gives HSLA steels outstanding functional properties, such as weldability and coatability. The hardening achieved by controlled internal purity and fine grain size structure ensures excellent mechanical strength. The grades available are in compliance with EN 10268:2006 and are obtained after continuous annealing.


They combine improved weldability with good formability. The narrow variation margins for their mechanical properties make it easy to shape the steel (presses or automated lines). They also have good fatigue and impact resistance.


They are particularly suitable for structural parts that do not require severe forming (profiling, bending or light drawing): automotive structures and reinforcements, industrial shelving systems, furniture, mechanical engineering applications etc.


3. Surface treatments


  • Electrostatic Oiling
  • Phosphatation (only uncoated)
  • Chemical Cr free passivation (only Galvanised)

4. Tolerances


According to standards EN 10130 (uncoated), and EN 10143 (coated).


5. Coatings


Zinc coating is available for steels for cold stamping applications and HSLA grades.


VAMA’s hot dip galvanised steels consist of a steel substrate with a metallic zinc coating applied by means of a continuous hot dip galvanising process. Metallic zinc coatings are available in steel grades ranging from steel for bending and deep drawing applications, to structural steels and high yield strength steels.


Hot dip galvanised products offer excellent corrosion resistance combined with very good forming properties. The coating process can apply very thick zinc layers, up to 275 g/m² (total of both sides).


VAMA's hot dip galvanised steels can be used in a very wide range of applications for industrial markets, both indoors and outdoors. Some of the most common applications are:


Building: wide sections for roofing and cladding, doors, door frames, metallic ceilings, partitions, structural members etc


Domestic appliances: all appliances for this sector (both white and brown goods) are manufactured with hot dip galvanised steels. Our steels can also serve as substrate material for coil coating (prepainted steel for building and domestic appliances).


Miscellaneous: electrical cabinets, aeraulic components, air conditioners, etc.