VAMA Team Building – One Team One Dream

VAMA organized a team building event with the theme “One Team, One Dream” on May 4th, 2013. CEO – Sanjay Sharma, Project leader and COO – Jiao Guohua, Lianyuan Steel Deputy GM – Wang Qingzhu, Lianyuan Steel Deputy GM and General Engineer – Mr. Zhou Mingwei, and all VAMA employees participated in this event.
Message from VAMA Leaders to the entire team –

One Team, One Dream


VAMA is one team of likeminded people which is coordinated, organized and always ready to exchange ideas.


We all share the same dream of becoming an outstanding enterprise by global standards and to be the bellwether in Chinese automotive steel industry.


We revere the same faith and adhere to the same core values . Health and safety is the top priority for VAMA. We shall spare no effort to realize the goal of “zero accident” during project construction phase through training, awareness creation, personal safety equipment, proper hygiene, and family involvement. Thus VAMA will assure safe and healthy working & living environment for everyone in VAMA.


At VAMA, knowledge and performance are respected more than individual’s position. As VAMA progresses ahead on the path of success, it will generate excellent career growth opportunities and attract highly talented people. VAMA will be an organization which emphasizes on performance and recognizes hard work and efforts made by employees.


VAMA encourages transparent communication and open-mindedness to accept different perspectives and learn from other champion business enterprises in the market.


Great attention is paid to delivery of high-quality products and services. VAMA aims to be the leader in the Chinese automotive steel industry having an efficient organizational structure which puts the customers first in all aspects of production & services. VAMA’s focuswill be on high added value products and utilization of the most advanced auto steel technology from ArcelorMittal.


Creating the first-class brand image, VAMA aims to be a role model for Sino-foreign joint venture, boasting of comprehensively developed organizational systems and employees bearing professional ethics and great passion for work.


Shouldering the trust of ArcelorMittal and Valin Steel and obtaining great support from Hunan Government, we are forging ahead towards our dream to build an excellent automotive steel company. The effort from each of us will influence and mold our future.


In order to realize the shared dream, people from many different countries have joined us. Together we will chart the path of VAMA’s success make it reach unparalleled glory. We are in the race, not for participation, but for the victory. We are certain that VAMA will win respect and admiration from our customers, competitors and employees, becoming a success story told by Hunan to the world.


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