VAMA Volunteers in Action to Guarantee Safe Gas Use Especially in Gas Shortage

Just after the Slight Cold (23rd Solar Term), from Jan. 3 to 6, 2018, ValinArcelorMittal Automobile Steel Co., Ltd (VAMA) and Loudi Economic & Technical Development Zone organized 47 volunteers to launch the natural gas safe use voluntary service for 11 residential communities including Loudi Gangdu Garden, Xianren’ge and Chunhe Garden etc., in order to improve residents’ awareness of safe use of the natural gas. Volunteers explained and publicized cautions of safe use of the natural gas for residents, including the danger of non-standard uses of gas and their corrections, and they also conducted indoor examination for 53 families, checked whether any hidden danger of gas leakage of the natural gas pipelines and explained the daily safe use and the method of self-detection on site. Volunteers had brought warmth and safety to residents of these communities.


VAMA Volunteers in Action


6 Cautions for Safe Gas Use


Volunteers are divided into 6 groups and separately visited 11 communities. They distributed a total of 10,000 materials about safety to community residents and focused on popularizing the 6 cautions for safe use of the natural gas among residents:

  • Periodically replace the connecting hose of natural gas and better use the stainless steel corrugated pipe;
  • Regularly apply soap water on the pipeline joints to detect whether any leakage and check the gas alarm to guarantee effective operation of the alarm;
  • Invite professionals from formal organizations to mount and maintain natural gas pipelines;
  • Select qualified gas cooking utensils, valves and controllers and do not modify them privately;
  • Keep clean of the natural gas pipelines and do not dry towels or rags on pipelines;
  • Keep good ventilation and check whether the cooking utensils and the main valve are turned off before going out or sleeping;

VAMA Volunteers in Action


3 Measures to Detect Gas Leakage


From Jan. 3 to 5, VAMA Health and Safe Production Center organized the special examination of gas safety against the natural gas station of the production area, the acid regeneration calciner and high-pressure natural gas station of the dining hall and conducted overall examination and one-on-one safety presentation for 31 families living in neighboring 11 residential communities. On Jan. 6, divided into 6 groups, 14 volunteers of VAMA natural gas safety team provided the indoor natural gas examination service for natural gas users of the community for free with the “secret tool”, identified on site the hidden danger for a total of 22 families in 9 residential communities and summarized and reported the investigation results to Huarun Gas Company for correction. At the same time, they showed gas users how to check the gas leakage in daily life, including smelling and reading the alarm, identification by soap water and reading the gas meter etc.


VAMA Volunteers in Action


To VAMA, safe production and safe living are placed above all else. It is the responsibility for each company of the park to construct a safe community. The natural gas safety promotion campaign this time aimed to improve residents’ awareness of safe use of natural gas, popularize the basic measures for safety precautions, prevent the accident from occurring and build a safe production park and safe living community jointly with all others.