VAMA was rewarded with the “Best Supplier “and “Best Business partnership of the year”

In April, VAMA won two awards in a row, Best Supplier of Lingyun Industrial Corporation Limited and Best Business partnership of the year with Benteler International AG.


VAMA was rewarded with the Best Supplier and Best Business partnership of the year


Founded in 1995, Lingyun has become one of the leading automotive parts manufacture base in China.. The cooperation between Lingyun and ArcelorMittal started over 10 years ago. VAMA started to provide localized PHS for Lingyun after SOP in 2014, and the partnership expanded fast. With the strong technic support from ArcelorMittal, VAMA build up strong partnership with Lingyun based on AHSS, PHS and other automotive steel supply, and was rewarded as “Best supplier “on Lingyun’s supplier conference in April 24th 2018.


VAMA was rewarded with the Best Supplier and Best Business partnership of the year


The partnership between Benteler and ArcelorMittal in China market can be dated back to thirteen years ago, when the friendly business relation was firstly established in 2005, the year Benteler established the first factory in China. After VAMA SOP, our partnership has further extended to local supply and grown tremendously. On its very first suppliers Gala, Benteler rewarded VAMA with “Best Business partnership of the year” as a recognition and encouragement to VAMA’s high quality production and fast corresponding towards technic requirements.


Sales and CTS Director of VAMA, Pedro Raiser said: “It is a great honor to be rewarded by our customers. Lingyun and Benteler have always been great partners to work with. They highly respect supplier's efforts on continuous product quality improvement as well as efficient order response, which encouraged us to invest even more to technology development and process handling, to ensure all our customers leading technology solutions and smooth supply chain with VAMA. We, together, are playing an important role for supporting automotive industry in China to upgrade their products to a new paramount with lighter, safer and less pollutants vehicles.”


Pedro added when talking about the challenges Chinese Automotive industry is facing to, “Benefit from both Valin Group and ArcelorMittal, VAMA brings the cutting-edge technology to China, delivers the leading comprehensive steel solution to the market with the unique AHSS and UHSS steel and full range of steel capacities. We believe that the upcoming second generation of PHS and unique combination of comprehensive steel solution could help our customer to win in the crash performance and lightweight challenges in the fierce industry transformation.”


Looking forward, VAMA will keep on being committed to support carmakers in facing upcoming challenges and provide solutions as their best partner, supporting automotive industry in China to build up a beautiful automobile life for people.