VAMA’s 1st Health & Safety Day

Cherish Life, Goodbye to Safety Violation and Accidents


Dear Colleagues and Friends,


After encountered with difficulties from commencement of land leveling to construction contractors’ entry into VAMA project has gone through more than 1.5 million safe working hours so far, and witnesses good performance in safety, thanks to the efforts made by all of you across all the levels. However, site safety situation is still not so optimistic, since unbearable violation and near miss happen quite often, which needs to be changed.


My colleagues, we are here holding VAMA Project Health & Safety Day event, with aim to widely enhance awareness of state laws, regulations and policy concerning work safety, safety culture and common sense, as well as to promote good examples and best practice achieved in this project. To set up strong culture of safety “no harm to others, no harm to myself, not be harmed by others, ensure others not be harmed” in minds of all site construction workers, to create good atmosphere of “Cherish Life, Focus on Safety”, to fulfill target Zero Accident on VAMA site throughout the whole VAMA project process.


My dear colleagues, we must eliminate any unsafe factors on site, as well as any unsafe conditions and human activities, so that no accident will happen to us, which is a belief we hold firmly, also guidance to activities on site.


Life is priceless. We shall not treat our life as trifling matter. It is our duty to reach the target of Zero accident on VAMA site.


This is point of 1st VAMA Health & Safety Day we are holding today.


1st Health & Safety Day is a rejoicings, esteem and awe we pay to life.


The violation of safety regulation during daily work is fatal, which will cause accident and destroy life. We have to be clearly aware of the importance of safety and the urgency of eliminating violation. Especially, people working on site ought to foster the thinks of “I must be safe”, clearly define safety responsibilities, follow operation procedures and safety regulations on their own initiative, perform job functions and obligations and further increase awareness of self restraining. self safety and self protection.


We have to realize that life is the most valuable and there is no way back, therefore we ought to care an cherish life. Safety violation is strictly forbidden in VAMA project construction.


Every one shall further strengthen study on work safety, so as to transfer from "ask me to be safe" to "I myself want to be safe".


Dear colleagues and friends:


  • To be safe is love, also dignity.
  • To be safe is civilization, also treasure.
  • To be safe is happiness, also challenge.
  • To be safe is a culture, also action.
  • To be safe is a right, also an obligation.

Work safety involves human life and is top priority, and safety responsibility is weightier than Mountain Tai. Let us put our hands, shoulder by shoulder, making effort to realize the target of zero accident in construction of VAMA project.


Make sure you follow health & safety rules and norms. Make sure you wear PPE properly and give reminder to your colleagues about PPE wearing.


let's fight together for Zero Accident in VAMA project.


Safety is our top priority, which is our code of conduct.


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Leaders of VAMA