VAMA Volunteers Day

Location: Caojiapo Primary School, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan


Date: Dec 7th, 2012


Number of volunteers: 12


Volunteering hours: 24


A team of 12 volunteers from VAMA and ArcelorMittal participated in the volunteer activity held on Dec 7th, 2012. They come from many different countries – India, Brazil, USA, France, and China. This team went to Caojiaopo Primary School of Yuhua District in Changsha, Hunan in which half of the students live away from parents as their parents are far away from hometown for work, leaving the children with their grandparents or relatives.


These children are enduring long-term separation from their parents longing for more care and attention. The visit of our volunteers brought lot of smiles and excitement among these children and they showed great enthusiasm in chatting and making friends with our volunteers. Many of these children spoke to volunteers in English, shared their wonderful Chinese calligraphy, and took many pictures.


Our volunteers joined the children in different classrooms and delivered a speech called “Big Feet Travel” in which they introduced their home country and many interesting places from those countries. This created lot of curiosity among young children and they came up with many questions and learnt about new things. Our volunteers encouraged all children to be ambitious and open-minded to embrace different beautiful things in this world and learn more to make dreams come true.